Fictional Fathers & the Advice I Imagine They’d Give Me

A fun piece of the Ashley Flowers origin story is the part where my biological father forfeited his parental rights when I was an infant leaving me to grow up without a reliable dad and a basically absent mother. Now, I did fine without parents because I read a lot and all great narratives are about orphans with no parents so I fit right in and didn’t really know I was missing anything until my late teens. I was a pretty bitter for a long time but I managed to have picked up some great surrogate dads along the way.

The thing about not having a dad around regularly is that it’s left some major gaps in the wisdom I’ve received in my life. In my head, dad’s are basically supposed to be Gandalfs, just spewing wisdom and bad puns like a broken fire hydrant. Being an avid consumer of tv/literature has led me to an endless supply of father figures. So, here is a fun list of the dad’s I’d like to have and the advice I think they’d give me regarding some of the questions/problems currently happening in my life.

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A drug overdose took my younger brother on July 26. He was 21 years old. It had been coming for him for a while, it’s claws inching into him slowly over the years and then faster towards the end. Op was feeling the weight of his addiction and was set to enter rehab August 4, nine days after his passing. His last Facebook post was, “Man.. ready for rehab.. I just want sobriety b4 i lose what matters most.. Keep me n your prayers yall.” Continue Reading

Five toys from my childhood and their impact on my development

I don’t have a lot of particularly fond memories from childhood because mine wasn’t one to be particularly fond of. But through the power of the internet I’ve recently been able to tap into the part of my brain that has been protecting those happy memories from being sabotaged by everything else. Continue Reading